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Minimize and defer your taxes by smart tax planning, entity optimization, and capturing more deductions.


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Minimizing and deferring your taxes

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Implementing smart tax planning, entity optimization and capturing more deductions will lower your taxes

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Good accounting leads to great planning

What Our Clients Say About Us

Camille Heffernan

"I hired Mr. Wilson after having numerous bad experiences with previous accountants. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and actually takes time with his clients. He offers a kind and genuine atmosphere. He seems to care about his clients. I am truly grateful for finding him and his firm. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who wants taxes done correctly!"

Bayou City Surgical Specialists

"Fantastic customer service and a very clear understanding of where our business is going and what needs and issues we need to be aware of as we grow! Would recommend to anyone!"

George Hobbs

"My US Tax are very complicated, due to the fact that I work and pay Tax in another country also. I am very impressed with the work Wilson LLC has done for me, ever since he took over the practice of my former CPA years ago. I highly recommend his services. He is up to date with all of the latest changes that the IRS seems to make every year. Often throughout the Tax year I have question come up and Charlie always has a quick reply. I live in the DFW area and there are many fine CPA's in my area. I chose to do business in Friendswood TX due to the understanding of my complicated Tax. If I ever opened a Business in Texas, Charles Wilson LLC would be my 1st call. Charlie, is a great guy to talk with and do business with, what more can I say."

Meet the owner: Charles Wilson

Charles has over 25 years of experience in tax planning, consulting and compliance. Charles is the owner of the certified public accounting firm Charles Wilson LLC since 2003.

Charles’ experience is in assisting a diverse group of closely-held businesses, their owners and high net worth individuals with all aspects of tax and financial planning and compliance.

He specializes in coordinating corporate, personal, and asset accumulation.

Elizabeth Powell

"Looking for an accountant? Look no further. Charles Wilson LLC is the one for you. The company is professional, reliable and always there to answer questions or problems whenever required. The latter is a great relief to a client. Whether you live in the U.SA. or another country Charles will sort out deliver and file your accounts satisfactorily. I have used this company for many years and will continue to do so. Thank you Charles for being my accountant."

Will Conley

"Charles has been doing my taxes for many years. He is incredibly reliable and helpful for fast and accurate tax preparation. I would definitely recommend using him!"

Dwayne Morris

"This is a first class tax service."

Harold Newman

"Has always provided great service and is very professional."

Penalty Assurance Guarantee

If we mess up, then we will cover the penalties.


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